About DY Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai


D. Y. Patil Stadium is a football and a cricketstadium located at the at D. Y. Patil Vidyanagar campus, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, India. This stadium was designed by one of India’s premier architect – Hafeez Contractor. D. Y. Patil Stadium has all the facilities of an International Cricket Stadium.

The reason is that it is newly constructed stadium and it is having large number of latest facilities that are entertaining people a lot. It was constructed in the year 2008. It is having a seating capacity of 60000 people. The stadium was constructed by Hafeez Contractor, who is the prominent architect of the country. 스포츠중계 This stadium is located in the Navi Mumbai area of DY Patil Campus. This stadium is having all kinds of facilities through which international matches can be played easily. Most of the international matches in Mumbai are played on this ground. Apart from this thing, a person can also watch the matches of Indian Premier League, where the home team Mumbai Indians plays on this particular stadium. Due to better pitch quality, it hosted the final of the Indian Premier League in the year 2008.

The stadium is having other facilities like tennis court, swimming pool and a badminton court. All these things are on Olympic pattern. It is having a latest infrastructure that provides a modern look to the stadium. It is having a concert oriented music system that entertains the people during the short matches like 20-20. There are many matches played on this stadium after its inaugural and the spectators received good view of all those matches for which they arrive in this stadium. The stadium is having flood lights that support the day night matches easily. Most of the matches are played in the same format. It is having some modern technologies like High Definition Television and Permanent diesel generators so that the electricity failure and power cut may not interrupt during the matches. The outfield of the stadiums was prepared by the South African curators. The pitches of Indian Stadiums are based on red soil. To protect the pitch from the density of rain, it is protected through sand. There are 10 practice pitches all along the stadium that facilitates better practice of the players who come here to play the matches.

It hosted most of the Indian Premier League matches. All the sports that organized here went successful. The players who are coming to play matches over here are having good facilities like proper maintained dressing room, recovery areas and ice baths. These are providing them satisfaction in playing on the ground. The stadium is also having a media centre, which is a fully air-conditioned hall that has the capability to accommodate 120 people at one time. It also has a good infrastructure and proper communication facilities too. There are various other facilities provided for the people coming here to watch the matches and those who are coming to capture the images of the action going on.

The construction of this stadium remarks the cricket fever on the people of the country. This stadium was constructed in 2008 and with lots of latest features, it hosts various games.


Dr. DY Patil Stadium is one of the prominent stadiums of India. It is the third stadium of Mumbai that hosts large number of international and national matches. Mumbai is the first city of India and Asia which is having three stadiums where international matches held after Brabourne and Wankhede stadiums. It was constructed by the reputed architect of the country, Hafeez Contractor. This stadium received the prominent and spectacular stadiums of the country after one year of its establishment. This is the sixth best stadiums of the world. Sources said that the stadium is the 156th largest stadiums of the world that organizes sports on international level.

There are various transport options available for a person through which he can reach to this stadium easily. It is the stadium that is located in the prime location trough which all transports are available.

How To Reach

It is very easy for a person to reach to this stadium. Most of the people are reaching directly from the airport to the stadium through private cabs. Since there is no railway station is located to this stadium, a person can reach to the stadium through public or private transport options that are available across the city.


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